Audio Tags Editor

Do you know about TAGS inside audio files?

MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF and some other audio files have special fields inside - tags. Many people don't know about them, or simply don't understand how to use these tags. Tags were designed to store additional information about file, such as: the track title, artist, album, genre, and many others. Even a lyric of the song could be stored within the file!

As you see, audio tags are powerful, but many people don't use it. Our program will help you to understand and to use audio tags technology as easily as possible.

You can use tags to collect audio information, to keep your music files and folders in order, to download information about tracks and albums from online databases, and for many other purposes.

Audio Tags Editor - the solution to keep your music collection in order

Audio Tags Editor is a convenient and powerful audio file tags editor. It enables you to edit tags, rename files, folders, export data to various formats, save playlists and much more. Audio Tags Editor will let you put your audio files collection in order!

Audio Tags Editor allows you to do without the separate tag editing dialogs and edit them directly in the list cells. It makes the tag editing process similar to editing the spreadsheets. Nevertheless, the software has a convenient form for editing the tags of the separate files or a group of selected files.
Audio Tags Editor is a powerful edit tool to view and modify tags of audio files right in the browser, like a sheet or table.
Audio Tags Editor allows you to receive the album information from a public FreeDB database. The software will automatically single out the album tracks from the list and receive a list of the suitable albums, according to the number and length of the tracks. You will simply have to select one album, and the program will fill in the tags with the received information.

Audio Tags Editor contains a unique feature of a massive FreeDB search. That means that you can retrieve the information about the music albums for any number of folders at once. This feature allows you to put a music collection in order as fast as possible, almost in one click!
Audio Tags Editor's unique mass FreeDB search allows you to work with any number of folders with music files at once.
Audio Tags Editor allows you to change the tags in all subfolders. This unique feature allows you, for example, to rename the comments in your entire audio collection at once, no matter how many subfolders there are in it! When you open the folders, the files in them are analyzed and you can see the total play time, the average bitrate and the size of the audio files in the album.

Audio Tags Editor allows you to organize and structure your music collection directly from the software. Using Audio Tags Editor, you can copy, move, delete and rename the files and folders. The selected files can be renamed and saved in the playlist with one click, according to the template that you specify.
Audio Tags Editor supports palylists and can control its name using some combinations of MP3, WMA, OGG tags.   Audio Tags Editor allows you to set any rule of audio file rename using any combination of music tags.
Audio Tags Editor has a flexible customizable interface, making it possible to meet all of your requirements. You can customize the most of the program interface items: menus, toolbars, the size and order of the columns in the list, the place of the tag editor, etc. The interface was developed to provide maximum functionality and usability.

Audio Tags Editor contains other useful tools and features to control the audio and music files on your computer. For example: you can control a WinAmp player right from the program, using a toolbar or a menu.

Audio Tags Editor is distributed on a Try Before You Buy basis. You can download and evaluate this program absolutely free. Only if the program will satisfy you, you may decide to buy it.

Audio Tags Editor

Mar 03, 2008
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